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God’s Great Heart.
New Life Conference
29th July – 5th August 2017

The theme for this year’s conference is ‘God’s great heart’. Our keynote speaker is Elliott Tepper from Betel International based in Madrid. Our Bible studies will be led by Derrick Harrison. Larry Hill and Les Wheeldon will also be with us.

As we meet at Rora House for the last time before the conference moves to Quinta, we will be focussing on God’s great heart – what that means for us individually and as we journey on together. We look forward to a time of great blessing!





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Elliott Tepper our Keynote Speaker
The theme for this year is “God’s great heart”

He, along with Derrick Harrison who will lead our morning Bible studies, will open up this great subject for us! This year again there will be second morning sessions, and over four days there will be speakers with a time for comments and questions during each session.

Elliott Tepper

In 1973 Elliott Tepper married Mary Tepper. Together they prepared for a life of ministry and missionary service graduating from Elim Bible Institute and then serving as missionaries in Puebla, Mexico, from 1978 through 1982. In 1983 they joined WEC, International and were sent out by the Myrtle Grove Presbyterian Church to serve as missionaries to Spain. Elliott and his wife went on to become the field leaders of their mission and the founders of the Betel International Ministries.

From Betel’s humble beginning in their home in Madrid, today Betel has established Churches, rehab communities, and mercy ministries in approximately 100 cities in 22 nations. Elliott has served as the international directors of Betel International and the senior pastors of the Iglesia Betel de Madrid.

Derrick Harrison

Derrick attended Bible School in Birmingham from the age of 18 where he met his wife Barbara. After six years of study they went for training for foreign mission in the USA, they returned to the U.K. to lead a growing House Church and went full time in the church at the age of 30. The church engaged in mission to a deprived area outside the city boundary of Birmingham called Smethwick, eventually moving to this area in “the Black Country”. Along side this inner city evangelism the church also engaged in mission to Communist Eastern Europe.

Once settled in Smethwick, Derrick established a Bible School based on the local church called the Christian Workers Programme (CWP). Following the handover of a key role in leadership, Derrick studied for a M.A. (Mission) and then moved into teaching in Bible Schools, Seminaries and Churches in different countries: Africa, Albania, Haiti, India, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, USA, and Europe.

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